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Traditional shingles are inexpensive, dependable, and easy to preserve, decreasing the requirement for regular upkeep and repair work. Based on the style of the home or service, Traditional shingles are the most cost-efficient solution and are offered in a variety of colors.

Triangle house and company owner prefer architectural shingles over other roofing options and have actually made Professional Norwalk Roofers the Triangle’s choice for their setup, repair work, and roofing upkeep needs. Architectural roofing shingles are a popular residential roof option, due to their sturdiness, appearance, and price point. More powerful than standard shingles, architectural roofing shingles develop a remarkable, three-dimensional look. Not only visually appealing, the rate point is very little more than conventional shingles.

Decorative shingles are a spectacular choice for homeowners who wish to make the roof a statement in the architectural style of their home. Decorative shingles include an unique chambered cut for a scalloped look, a dimensional tab that simulates the feel and look of natural slate or cedar shakes, and definitely sculpted shingle that provides an unique rustic appearance.

Metal Roofing

A metal roofing system is a valued financial investment, offering a very long life span, toughness that endures everything Nature can toss at it, and customized colors, patterns, styles and brand names to make your metal roofing a distinct reflection of your style.

BRANDX of copper, painted steel, aluminum, zinc, or galvanized roof services to repair and maintenance.

Tile & Slate Roofing

When you want your new roof to make a declaration, consider tile or slate roofing products. Tile & slate shingles provide the most visual appeal offered while providing the quality and efficiency you anticipate.

Professional Norwalk Roofers specializes in tile & slate roof, expertly setting up lovely, functional slate, clay, cement, and metal shingle roofing- producing a sophisticated and extremely durable roofing system lasting many generations.

Residential Flat & Low-Slope Roof

The performance of your roofing system depends on the professional design of your roof. At Professional Norwalk Roofers we start with a great design that includes a tapered slope for appropriate water shedding, the appropriate waterproofing layers, flashings, support, emerging, and drain. Whether you need a roofing replacement, minor repair work, or annual maintenance, Professional Norwalk Roofers supplies professional services to make sure the best design, materials, and craftsmanship are used for lasting results.

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